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Evie and Her Captain.

I sit beside Evie on this couch and will myself to be brave. The oxygen tube up her nose and monitor on her finger are too much for this momma’s heart. Just two nights ago, I sat on Ella’s bed praying over her—praying for her lungs to heal—for God to be her breath. I sit […]

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Mbezia & The Boat (an update from Dave)

~A post from Dave~   Life can be difficult. Sometimes the enemy comes like a flood. But then is the time to prove our faith and live our songs.   Amy Carmichael (This is Mbezia, a 14 year old girl that Dave met a few months ago in the malnutrition ward of the government hospital […]

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Her eyes overflow with pain and tears, and so does my heart.   Yet she smiles. How could a little one endure such suffering? And in the midst of it be speaking out in gratitude, and showing us love, and teaching my heart deep things about God?   And how does one know how to suffer and […]

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PRAY: A Child who is Suffering

Abebeyu is the younger brother of the young girl, Bezenech, that has become such a sweet part of our family.  He has an aggressive cancer that has eaten away his jaw bone.  It is now encroaching on his brain, ear and inside his mouth.  Will you please pray for him?  It is so hard to […]

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