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PRAY: A Child who is Suffering

Abebeyu is the younger brother of the young girl, Bezenech, that has become such a sweet part of our family.  He has an aggressive cancer that has eaten away his jaw bone.  It is now encroaching on his brain, ear and inside his mouth.  Will you please pray for him?  It is so hard to […]

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Caleb’s first Outreach~under the shadow

When this boy turned 5, accepted Jesus, and was called all in one big moment to serve the Lord with His life, I was in awe.  I didn’t know how that looked.  I hadn’t been called until I was much older.  His heart was tender and young and he listened to the Call on his […]

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a few who need us…would you give in Jesus’ name?

This is Ayelech…with the HUGE smile…these are her children: Nathaniel, Mehret, and Bethlehem.  ONE WIDOW, NOT FORGOTTEN Three years ago, she was widowed.  She had no family.  She was left with a newborn, two small children and a traumatic brain injury that left half of her body paralyzed.  Her 5 year old son was providing […]

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Pray for this week’s outreach…the Lord is moving!

We truly stand in AWE of the Lord’s awesome love for these precious people whom our lives have intertwined with.  PLEASE pray for the Helimission team, our evangelists, Dave AND CALEB as they go this Tuesday through Thursday.  Pray they LOVE, SERVE, TEACH & HEAL for HIS GLORY in this people!! Psalm 102:18-22 Let this […]

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This week: rain, buna, friends, court and spear throwing!

A special morning with some fairly amazing women…Soddo Court’s in Session…under the Passion Fruit Fort!! Who’s guilty???The rains are coming (praise the Lord!!) and so, let the cozy reading begin!!Maija and her buddy, Elias…some expert fort architects!! Taylor, did you teach them this?!?These two precious girls in my life, Bethlehem and Mehret.  Thank you, Jesus.Hmmmm….spear […]

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