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the thief and the giver…

I sat watching the sunset behind the trees, my children ran wild and free, laughter and joy sang from their souls… i rocked this new little baby, new to my arms, but familiar somehow to my heart. i breathed out thanks to my Sovereign and Gracious God because… “the thief came only to steal and […]

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The Sacred

The Sacred Through the sound of the rain drops on our metal roof, I heard a soft mewing sound from my front porch.   Dave’s voice came whispering low, “Jewels, come here.”  The kids all jumped, but I asked them to sit.  They knew, we all did, that he had brought a baby home. I went […]

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Redemptive mommy moment

The bedspread that my deep soul friend sowed for me before I got on that airplane is lying across the bed.  Small scissors are lying on it.  A cut is in it and scraps from the quilt are lying on the floor.  My heart sank.  “Ok, girls, please honestly tell mommy who cut my special […]

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