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Preparing for the Mission…

This page is dedicated to record our journey to serve Jesus through overseas missions…


It is amazing to even write this…I want to shout it for all the world to hear…that OUR GOD has opened the Floodgates of Heaven to provide for us…in prayer, in support, in encouragement, in a church body that is coming around and behind us…

Dave is IN ETHIOPIA as I write…his first trip with RLM church…doing discipleship…seeking out our language school, our home in Addis and looking into the kids’ potential school there as well…THEN on to Soddo!! He will see and experience our future home there!!

I am humbled to write tonight that God has drawn hearts to give…

MONTHLY SUPPORT: As Dave left, we are at 99% of our monthly support!!!

HOME: I’m not sure of the exact numbers, but as of a couple days ago, I think we have reached 70% of our funding for our future home in Soddo…

Thank you to all of you who have answered the call to give and pray and love in HIS Name…Dave and I love being a part of this amazing work that God is doing!! Let’s continue to exalt His name…To him be the Glory!!!


We are humbled, in awe, overjoyed…and so thankful…

God has called an unbelievable army of believers to partner with us…

Support Team: God has given us over 50%  of our full time monthly supporters already…after only 2 months!!

Soddo Home: GLORY TO GOD!! He has already poured our over 50% of the cost of our future home in Soddo…we haven’t even asked anyone yet!! God is drawing hearts!

Summer/Fall 2011

God has made the way for us to begin raising our Support Team…We are so excited!! We sense His favor and JOY over this…We know His heart is for ALL to know Him…We know we have been called and we know HE IS FAITHFUL..HE will provide all our needs according to HIS glorious riches in CHRIST!! PRAY FOR HIM TO BE GLORIFIED in all we seek to accomplish this year!  As our pastor noted, “This will have to be a miracle!” We know that, and we are believing God for that!

Support Team (aka Fund Raising) : started in July of 2011

Soddo Home Fund (also started by the Lord): in July of 2011


Wow…sorry for the quiet spell…it has been a waiting season in ONE sense and in every other sense, it has been a tremendous 9 months of trusting the Lord, huge changes and a long season of learning to better rely on God for our every need.  We moved back from S. Korea in July, Dave left for Iraq in Sept, the kids and I learned so much together about God’s sufficiency as our Jehovah Jireh (OUR PROVIDER), we also learned to RECEIVE from others who graciously served and poured out to us, Dave returned in Mid-March, we moved down to Colorado Springs to be together, and soon we’ll be moving back home to Washington State!!! These 9 months of change, transition and inconsistency, we KNOW were a trial run for our lives as we soon embark on an even greater move–TO SODDO!!

We have some VERY EXCITING NEWS regarding our Call…

1.  WE HAVE LAKE CITY COMMUNITY CHURCH AS OUR SENDING CHURCH!!! We praise God for this amazingly faithful, loving, sincere FAMILY OF BELIEVERS that will support and surround us as we GO!

2. OUR FIRST OFFICIAL STEP is coming up!! Dave and I will be traveling (just the two of us!) to our MISSIONARY TRAINING through GLOBAL OUTREACH INTERNATIONAL  this coming JUNE in Mississippi!! Please pray for us that we are equipped, encouraged and united with Christ’s mind and heart even more through this week.  We are praying that within a year following this training, all our 14 feet will be in Ethiopia!! Please pray that we could give God glory for this miracle unfolding in our lives!!


Some exciting NEWS coming SOON!!! KEEP PRAYING…God is moving so faithfully!!


Application is nearly done being reviewed and prayed over…Global Outreach should contact us soon!  We’re hoping to begin our SODDO Home fundraising soon–Lord willing! Thank you for your continued prayers.  WE walk by faith!




MAILED WITH EXCITEMENT that this journey of our long awaited calling is finally beginning!!



WE are currently filling out our applications and praying towards partnering with Global Outreach International and Soddo Christian Hospital in Soddo, Ethiopia.

Please PRAY for our family as we are committed to following this call on our lives…and hopefully be serving in Ethiopia within 2 years. Thank you so much.

De'Dee Brown - Oh Lord, I pray that you will work thru this. You know what you have for this precious family. I pray that you will show them in a very real way which way you have for them. I pray that Lord you will strengthen them for the road ahead. Put a hedge of protection around them. Amen

Lisa Jones - Wow, Julie, I believe God led me here today. The Holy Spirit has been speaking to me lately about missionary support–do we really do enough? The answer is no, we don’t, and here you are, dropped into my lap very unexpectedly. I saw pictures of your family at a race with Sue Lopez’s family, but didn’t think much of it except thinking how big all the children look. And still I’ve been thinking “how can we serve and who can we support?” Julie, we would be honored to help support your family in this vital work. What should we do to get started?

Lisa J.

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