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Welcome to the Tribe, Isaiah Asher!

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Embracing Isaiah.

Re-awakening joy.

Trusting His sovereignty.

Thanking Him for every good gift.

FullSizeRenderHere is our JOY-boy!! He truly is a surprise of JOY and DELIGHT…God brought him to us and spoke that he would mark a NEW season…this boy LOVES LIFE…He wakes up with the JOY OF THE LORD.  He is bringing laughter, energy, fun, and a NEW THING into the tribe. We LOVE him and are honored to be his family for each day that God gives us!!IMG_4101IMG_4043IMG_4022FullSizeRenderIsaiah means “Jehovah is salvation…”

Asher means, “The gladness of the Lord…”

These two names mark this little boy’s life.  We are so thankful that, in His perfect sovereignty, the Lord saved him, intersected our lives and made us family!!

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Friday Tribe 2 How we Love You!

A sweet and unexpected gift in moving to Jinja has been this INCREDIBLE COMMUNITY of homeschool friends AND their Mamas!! Every other Friday, we’ve gotten to worship and learn about Jesus together! We’ve gotten to play, sing, learn music, do science experiments, play sports, laugh, and encourage one another in these dual missions of living overseas and homeschooling!! WHAT A GRACE!!! We love you, Friday Tribe 2!!! We thank God for you!!photo 4

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