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RIAH IS 8!!!

This sweet girl has brought so much JOY and GRACE into our lives…HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RIAH!!!

We celebrate you today, Riah!! Look at how you’ve grown to love Jesus, to LOVE others, to be kind and generous and FUN!! You are brave and smart and silly.  You are a faithful sister, and compassionate friend!  You bring selflessness and perseverance into any space.  You are a GIFT FROM GOD to us and we LOVE YOU!!   This last year, you’ve bravely moved again, made so many new friends, embraced new adventures…all with that big smile on your face!! We hope and pray this year is AMAZING and FULL for you!!



Here we go again…It’s been a LOT of transition…a lot of hard…a lot of loss…but GOD–HE is in it all–redeeming, healing, moving, re-igniting passion, vision, and love.  We are thankful to begin a new season and place of serving HIM.  We are privileged and humbled by what HE is showing us and leading us into here.


We found a precious place right in our neighborhood to love and serve together during our week…

I am so thankful that God has planted us here…I love seeing my kids learn to LOVE. photo 3

Daddy’s vision + amazing helpers…GOD IS DOING MIGHTY THINGS HERE…We can’t wait to share some exciting developments for ministry here in UGANDA. photo 4

Ayer Academy ~ March & April 2016


Beginning Piano lessons with an amazing young man from the Congo…the girls are learning to play by ear!! This mama is super excited!!  “HE IS JEALOUS FOR ME”…is our first song!!  Beautiful truth!photo 2An artist is blooming :)…photo 5And a little ‘bear’ school with this busy lady…photo 1For our precious nana…photo 3From our sweet-hearted Maija…photo 1NEW…

Homework with this fun one…every night.  I’m re-learning my Algebra!! photo 2My co-worship leaders at our Friday Tribe Homeschool group!! They are doing such an awesome job!!photo 4Written by Evie…IMG_1513Ahhhhhh….homeschool in their cardboard box lounge chairs!!IMG_1334

Re-start. Jinja.

Jinja…a new start.

This week marks 4 months in Jinja, Uganda. A place I never imagined living or even setting my feet. The beauty of this place is overwhelming. The joy of the Body of Christ has been healing. The new vision God is instilling in Dave’s heart for the lost on the islands inspires me.   The friendships my kids are forming are answers to deep deep prayers.   The home He has given us is a sanctuary of Light and Healing.

After 4 months, we have a rhythm here…. We have furniture, and we almost have cars J. We have precious friends, and a church home. We have freedom to live and serve Jesus here. We have community with kids and families. We have had broken bones, lots of stitches, some new scars, some dark weeks that Jesus had to carry us through, and we have hope. We have deep healing, and some healing in process. We have a deeper sense of who we are . We have deep humility to serve an unbelievably great Father. We SEE people who are desperate for hope. We see brokenness within ourselves and around us. We have a deep gratitude for the joy to continue serving Jesus over on this great continent.

We have vision. Re-newed. Re-ignited.

We are not afraid. We are ready.

We will say Yes. Here I am. Here we are.

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