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Caleb & Flash.

photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4We had this amazing pet for a few was Caleb’s JOY!! They did everything together, including school.

One day…she went into labor.  She laid eggs ALL. DAY. LONG.  Poor girl.

18 eggs…Then she died.

So we are holding her eggs carefully and safely…hoping and waiting to see if any of these 18 will become our new pets!!

oh Selah…HOW ARE YOU 3?!?!

My darling Selah…my “pause”…my “song”…my unexpected gift from Ethiopia…

How have you brought SO much FULLNESS to our lives?

How have you made us laugh? Kept us SO busy?  Taught your daddy and I more patience, a different style, a greater grace and perseverence?  How have you done things none of your siblings before you have ever ventured to do?  How are you so beautifully dependant and yet so BRAVE?  How are you so silly and so deep?  How do you fill me up and wear me out?  My heart overflows for you, for your little life, for what I SEE IN YOU.  I love you sweet Selah.  I celebrate you.  I love your heart, your sweetness, the way you need me, the way you kiss all over my face, the way you dance with total abandon, the way you LOVE your bunnies, the way you YELL, the way you speak, the ways you encourage, the ways you challenge.  I LOVE how you tell me every day, “Mommy, you’re the sweetest.  I love you so much (more than Daddy.)”  I adore you, precious girl.  I’m so thankful you’re in our family and that I am the one chosen to be your mama!!Ayer-52Ayer-51Ayer-49Ayer-47Ayer-45photo 2photo 4photo 1photo 2photo 5photo 3photo 5photo 2photo 4photo 1photo 3photo 3IMG_1841-e1460900234542-768x1024Ayer-6


Beauty, Joy, Leadership, FUN, Giggles, Imagination, Smart, Funny, Discerning…

Maija, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! We can hardly believe that you are NINE!!!! You are a beauty inside and out.  We have loved watching you in this last year of your life press harder into your faith, trust Jesus in some HUGE ways…learn to walk through loss and embrace a LOT of new.  You are such a sweet soul.  You have a tender heart that Jesus gave you.  You are an amazing sister to so many–you have a gift with babies–you are a good friend.  I love how you sing with all your heart .  I love how you are learning to hear Jesus and obey.  I love how He called you to some incredible things this year and you’ve followed, and HE HAS BLESSED!!  Thank you for your faith and for your love, for the light you bring to all around you.  You are a strong leader, sweet girl…We pray you lead with gentleness and grace.  WE pray you lead as you FOLLOW.  We pray you grow to be a servant and a JOY giver.  We pray you are full of FAITH and that you SEE and KNOW your Jesus in powerful ways in this new year of life!!!

Ayer-22Ayer-23photo 4photo 5photo 4photo 3

Island Vision…the SON in our eyes.

A friend wrote this week with this encouragement…”Keep the SON in your eyes…” 

We love that.  May we FIX OUR EYES ON JESUS in all of this.  FullSizeRenderThese two…visionaries, men of passion, energy, diligence and a common goal and calling to GO.  I love this partnership that God has blessed Dave with.  Pray for Andy and his precious family as well (they are sent out with GOI also!!)

Pray for their meeting today.

Pray for their hearts to break for the things that break the heart of God.

Pray they have opportunities to LOVE and to shine JESUS.

Pray for the SURE AND STEADFAST ANCHOR would be evident to the people on these distant shores.IMG_2558Today Dave, along with Andy, and a few other brave warriors for Jesus are FAR out in Lake Victoria…this is the first vision trip they’re doing together to set up clinic sites for our upcoming trips out to the far islands.  Today, they’re 50 MILES out on the lake in these trusty vessels!!   Please pray over them. FullSizeRenderIMG_2557IMG_2553FullSizeRenderFullSizeRenderFullSizeRenderFullSizeRenderFullSizeRenderFullSizeRenderIMG_2515FullSizeRenderFullSizeRenderFullSizeRenderFullSizeRender“Ask and I’ll give the Nations to you…”

RIAH IS 8!!!

This sweet girl has brought so much JOY and GRACE into our lives…HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RIAH!!!

We celebrate you today, Riah!! Look at how you’ve grown to love Jesus, to LOVE others, to be kind and generous and FUN!! You are brave and smart and silly.  You are a faithful sister, and compassionate friend!  You bring selflessness and perseverance into any space.  You are a GIFT FROM GOD to us and we LOVE YOU!!   This last year, you’ve bravely moved again, made so many new friends, embraced new adventures…all with that big smile on your face!! We hope and pray this year is AMAZING and FULL for you!!


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