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2 moms are better than 1…

This post is dedicated to the most awesome ERIN!! My friend, who is so graciously housing my HUGE family right now!! She is amazing. She loves loves Jesus, loves her husband, loves her 3 adorable kids and has such a gift of hospitality.  I see how God has already used this time to refine me, give me a great, CONSTANT accountability partner and give me daily companionship and community in this crazy-fun mission of being a mom!! Right now, I am so thankful to be with another mom who is SUPER intentional, SUPER consistent and SUPER on-it in every way.  It is helping me to step it up once again.  The last 6 months have taken a toll and now I feel like the Lord is using many things and people to restore my spirit. Erin is one. She is a gift to me.

She laughs at me because I have probably used this quote too many times, but I continue to say it and mean it, “2 moms are better than 1!”  It is SO awesome to help each other’s children, to set examples in our relationship and communication.  I love having my kids see another godly mom in action.  I love sharing meal plans, cleaning, grocery shopping and laundry!! All of this has been such a JOY to me since I arrived 2 weeks ago! Not sure how long the Lord will keep us here in CO, but I am going to treasure every moment!! IF you ever have the opportunity to live in community for extended time…SEIZE it!! I believe God intends for us to not be so alone and so independent!! If you can lay aside needing to control all in your home and family and enjoy teamwork and being ‘worked on’ by the Lord, go for it!! I highly recommend this!

“We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well, because you had become so dear to us.” I Thes. 2:8~Thank you for living out this verse to me and my precious family!~Love you, Erin!!


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