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4/14 Window


Children are the most open to Christ’s gift of salvation and moldable in their spiritual beliefs and values between the ages of 4 and 14. This is the time of life when they’re also most vulnerable to the devastating effects of poverty, war, disease, neglect and abuse.This critical time period is known as the 4/14 Window – a time of great impressionability and vulnerability.My hope is that you’ll set aside this April 14 (4/14) as a special day of prayer and fasting for the more than 1.2 billion children around the world in the 4/14 Window. Why is it important to reach children between the ages of 4 and 14?Besides the fact that God loves them, research has revealed that the majority of people who accept Christ do so before the age of 15. In addition, people’s life-long spiritual identity is in place by age 13 and rarely changes thereafter. Together, on April 14, we can be a great, unified voice coming before theLord, praying for the raising up of a new generation of Christ’s followers who can transform the world. We value you so much for the significant impact you’re already making.Thank you for caring about children, and thank you for joining us in this critical initiative! -Compassion Int’l


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