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4 month COUNTDOWN!!

The days are going quickly!! And the to-do list is growing bigger :)!!

Our family is living our days mostly in ‘normal’ mode (whatever that is!!)

BUT, we are seeing signs of the launching.

1. Mommy cries a lot more.

2.  Mommy can’t think clearly anymore.

3.  Daddy is home more often–he has lots of days off work to use up “leave” time…this is such a provision from God!! We have 4 day weekends almost every week now!

4.  It appears that we already have “Spring Fever” with Homeschooling!! Yikes!  We still have a long way to go!

5.  We are clearing closets, de-cluttering, packing bins, power washing our home…all very normal, right??

6.  We are praying a lot more.

7.  We need a LOT more sleep!!

8.  We suddenly are feeling urgency to make more TIME for the ones we love and press into Jesus MORE than ever.

Does this sound a bit like a pregnant woman in labor?? That’s kind of how I feel!!

What a strange season of our lives…we have done this before…we’ve moved over seas, we’ve said many goodbyes…but this ‘leaving’ has so much more.  We are no longer under the authority of the government…we no longer have a commitment here…we are free to GO, free to FOLLOW, free to minister together as a family…free to know Jesus in a place and with the people He has called us to for so long….We can be single-minded and single-focused…I am ready.  And so thankful.

My Soul magnifies the Lord…


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