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7 years ago?

This sweet boy….

is turning 7 in just a few hours…And if I remember correctly, it was in the very early morning hours that Caleb entered our lives!!  I was talking to my mom today and told her it just doesn’t seem possible that Caleb was born 7 years ago….So many things in his life seem in the distant past, but his sweet life–his birth, that seems so vivid and fresh in my heart.

I guess that it’s just not every day that I am part of a miracle.  I loved that crazy cold morning Caleb came into our lives.  He has brought us so much joy.  He is such a delightful, special, happy, thoughtful, FUN, loving, tender hearted little guy…(who is getting BIG!)  He has a faith that is alive and powerful at the age of 6….just the other night he and I had a conversation about how you can hear God’s voice.  It was awesome.  I got confused telling a Bible story to Maija the other morning, and he filled in all my details (in a very polite way!)

This was a especially special year, I think for Caleb…As Dave was gone alot, I really saw him be so strong, such a sweet brother and so loving to me. He loves so deeply. He is a servant–most of the time…He loves the Lord and has a sincere heart and burden for others to believe in Jesus too.  He loves his big sister. He loves one on one time.  He loves to read.  He loves legos and he really loves his friends, especially Christian, Markus, Drew and Cam.  He loves his Grandpa (aka Frank.)  And he still really loves his mommy and loves to give kisses!!  Still loves the color yellow.  Really loves to be so silly with his buddy, Maija!!  He loves milk, eggs, and cinnamon rolls!  Which is what I’ll be making for him in a few hours!!

This year he has excelled in reading….he is non-stop!!  He does a great (quick) job of his school work and then loves to play, read and listen to Adventures in Odyssey.  He really loves to play (or maybe WIN) games….we’re working on the good sportmanship thing 🙂  He loves Sunday School, the Y, Classical Conversations and ALL his teachers.  He has an amazing memory and is so thoughtful.  He is pretty much a happy, content young man.

This year we are throwing him a special party…He invited 30 people, I think. Truly. But HE LOVES SO MANY!!  So, we’re doing it!! We are having a “SNOWY KNIGHT” party…and it will be a packed house with mashed potatoes, meat, and other fun things that I’m making to look like snow :)…Auntie is making the traditional cake, of course…and we are celebrating as in the kingdoms of old…when a young boy would turn 7, he would become a page…a page would then train to be a squire and then a squire would train to become a Knight.  We are really excited and have been teaching Caleb about Knighthood…what it means to be honorable, brave, truthful–to belong…to serve the KING.  It is so exciting.  His friends and our families are going to bring BLESSINGS to speak over him…he is going to be so filled up!

Tonight before bed, he said to me, “Oh no mommy…remember on my birthday how I always like to give….not just get presents…what am I going to do to give?”  I didn’t make a big deal out of that at bedtime, but tonight as I have tried to make our downstairs into a royal kingdom, those precious words have really ministered to my heart…I love this boy.  As we prayed even while he was still inside of me… God please give this boy a different spirit. God answered that prayer and is going to have mighty purposes in this sweet life.  I love watching.  I love being his mommy.

I love birthdays…I love celebrating life…I love being a small part of these amazing miracles of God.

Caleb, I love you, buddy…I love watching you soar.  Keep your eyes up.  Be wise and loving…selfless and strong.  You make me so proud and I see Jesus in you.

FLY.  I know you will.   Love, Mommy. (and always kiss your mommy!!)



I love your spirit and love for the Lord.  ~Boppa

I love your enthusiasm and thoughtfulness.  ~Auntie

I love your songs for Jesus and that you play cars with me.  ~ Nanna

Caleb, you are so sweet and consciencous.  ~Auntie Steph

You are a great storyteller.  ~Tia

Caleb, you are such a Love and a great hugger.  You always make me feel so special.  ~Kelsey

You’re so nice. ~Lucia

You are a great and avid reader!  ~Kat

You are a great nephew and cousin…you’re sweet and you always think of others.  ~Uncle Julian

You make me feel so wonderful and special.  You think of others and you’re a helper!  ~Grandma

You are a really nice friend to me.  You always let me be first and you help me.  ~Christian

It is a privilege to be your uncle and “sharkie”…You are the BEST FISH!! ~ Uncle Francois (aka ‘Sharkie’ or ‘Wa’)

You’re so cute.  ~Riah

So proud of you.  You’re a great young man.  You’re getting better at checkers and chess!  ~Grandpa aka “Frank.”

Faythe wrote this Acronym as well…I LOVE THIS…

C~Conqueror (Romans 8:37)

A~Always Longsuffering ((1 Peter 3:15)

L~Love (Matthew 22:37)

E~Endures (James 1:2)

B~Bold  (Proverbs 28:1)

Here’s some of my favorite pics from the BIG BASH for Caleb…HE IS SO LOVED…Look at all the amazing family and friends we have!!!  We had the most beautiful Kingdom with the most creatively dressed royalty!! SO FUN …and my son was SO blessed!


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