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A beautiful Dream.

Daddy & Caleb’s Pilot Training.

Five and a half years ago, the doctors said, “Oh…it’s a little boy!”  I knew it was my Caleb.  I had always known I would have a Caleb.  I began praying a Scripture from Numbers that says,  “Caleb had a different spirit and followed God wholeheartedly…”  I never knew how God would delight in that prayer to be answered in my little boys’ life as well.

Caleb is one amazing kid.  He is so loving. Such a tender spirit…he loves God, I mean REALLY loves God.  But, even in the last few months, I sometimes sit and thank God for what HE has created inside this boy.  I love who he is now and can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for his tomorrows…

I’ve been wanting to post this ever since his birthday in December and then got side tracked over and over again.  So, here it is.  Caleb’s dream.  Right around his 5th birthday, he decided he wanted to be a missionary firefighter, which we of course encouraged.  Then he wanted to be a pilot.  The two merged and now he has decided (and this has stuck!) that he IS going to be a missionary pilot.  Dave and I have loved seeing him dream and talk about this.  For his birthday we took him out and bought him this really cool airplane and then his true love 😉 at church happened to bless him with this super cute pilot hat!

Dave and I (TRULY through the Lord’s wisdom) decided to start what we now call, “Pilot Training”.  We try once a week to have either Dave or me take Caleb on some one on one time and we read stories of missionary pilots. It has been awesome.  I have to say, if your child has a dream–encourage it, pursue it with them, help them dream bigger–assure them that GOD has a purpose for their lives!!  So Caleb is in HEAVEN when he has his Pilot Training as you can see and we have been amazed at what God has done in his heart.

As I tucked Caleb in last night and prayed his Scripture over him, he said this to me,“Mommy, when I’m a missionary pilot, I’m going to get up really early and read my Bible and then go up and fly my plane all by myself…and I’m going to watch the sunrise with God.”

Thank you, Father, for letting me be this little boys’ mommy!!


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