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A lesson from Mr. Turtle…

Captured…sweet, precious, unforgettable moments on ‘our’ golf course right in front of our home…these evening walks are one of my most cherished memories of our time here in Taegu. And here’s my baby…walking right along with us!!

"Slow down," Mr. Turtle whispered..."enjoy a, play peek-a-boo with me...look at the amazing masterpiece that God created in me...take a moment to be in awe--to thank the Creator. Let your toes run in the cool grass, soak in the warm rays of the setting sun and feast your eyes on that tree and its shadows cast across the ground...don't go so fast that you miss all of these miracles." Then Mr. Turtle popped his four little legs out and did let his toes run through that grass...then I could almost hear him say as he pulled his legs in a did a fantastic shell slide down the hill and belly-flopped into the pond, "...and LIVE!! Whhhheeeeeeeeee........"

CHERISH each other...Delight in those little moments that you never get to re-live! Thank you Awesome Creator for that much needed reminder today from one of your amazing creatures.


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