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There is a woman made in the image of God…hunched over in grief and loss…a broken life, a broken arm. Her husband died, she lost her home and her work. Her children are in rags and they eat from the food thrown to the back of the government hospital. How does God come to this woman? Is she expecting Him? Would she even dare pray for a miracle…? Even hope that her life would ever be different?

But God speaks into the hearts of one family,… “Look for me. Clothe me, feed me, shelter me,” he whispers…So we together go on an Advent search because we know He is out there. We know that He is IN the least of these…who really are the greatest.

How will this woman feel when she lays her head in a safe place on a mattress next to her 3 small children. Tonight, their bellies will not be crying out for lack of food…they will not be shivering. Will she know that God on high looked down, came down—for her? Will she be able to comprehend this awesome love the Father has for her…to bring restoration to a life that was broken beyond human mending? Will I learn the depth of responsibility of following Jesus…for looking for Him, for recognizing Him, for saying yes when He whispers to me? “For such a time as this,” Doesn’t just happen to the Esthers in this world…He is daily speaking this to us as we follow Him. He is daily asking us to seek Him. He is coming. He is here.


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