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ahhhh…beautiful summer. 2015.

We loved our family getaway this summer…lots of rest, sun, fun and time together!! Thank you, Jesus!!

Selah Naomi~our spunky 2 year old!

Evelyn Faith~ our delightful 6 year old!

Riah Grace~ Our gentle spirited 7 year old!

Maija Hope~ Our Full of Life 8 year old!

Caleb~ our talkative and happy 10 year old!

Ella~Our beautiful, inside and out, 12 year old!

We thank God for equipping and creating each of our kids for the life He’s called us to!! WE LOVE YOU, AYER TRIBE!


HAPPY 15 YEAR ANNIVERSARY…It can’t get any better than this!!!

Love this man more than EVER!! I love our life of adventure together!!

Hiking in the Great Northwest!!

Love this crazy girl!!

A Ferry Boat ride with Momma’s cousins!!

AUNTIE & Uncle Greg’s Wedding was an AMAZING DAY!!!  Don’t they look gorgeous!!??



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