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Announcing…SODDO RUNNERS!!

THIS IS SOOOOO EXCITING!! We have formed a TEAM of RUNNERS!!!  By God’s inspiration one day a few months back, I began to think of how awesome it would be to have a TEAM of family and friends who are RUNNING together for SODDO!! God showed me that running a race has such a great analogy to what we do in our lives, right?! So, why not bring as many people together for this cause as we possibly can.  We designed a REALLY COOL SHIRT!!  I think 35 of our friends and family bought a Soddo Shirt and are running a race somewhere across the country this summer or fall!! Isn’t that awesome?!?!  Love it!!

Dave and I trained to RUN THE RACE (the Seattle half marathon) with a few others–Dave’s brother, my sis and my AWESOME DAD–who ran the FULL Marathon!!  We are running to build awareness and PRAYER and support for Soddo Christian Hospital and the people of Soddo, Ethiopia! We had a blast…the race was amazing and our runners were INCREDIBLE!!! I was actually not able to run, so Ella and I partnered to CHEER and SUPPORT from the sidelines!!  We have many SODDO RUNNERS running for this cause around the country!! We’ll post more pictures as friends send them to us!  Please continue to pray for what God desires to do among the people of Ethiopia!! OUR HEARTS ARE GROWING!

Here are some great pictures of the race…It felt BIG to me.  I was also super emotional watching my Dad (who has, by God’s grace been cancer-free for 7 years!!) run the FULL 26 mile marathon.  He rocks my world.  And God has given all of us such a gift in my Dad…he is one of my favorite people on this earth.  SOOOO proud of you, Dad, Dave, Becks, Julian….and all of you, SODDO RUNNERS!!



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