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Caleb's Surrender.

There are moments you never forget as a mama. The moment you first behold your baby’s face. When you know them for the first time….you breathe in their scent and you hold the miracle in your arms. There are the moments…the sacred where they pray and give their hearts to Jesus…I remember my son…his little blond crowned head bowed in sincerity. Hands folded. Kneeling. So holy.

I watched my son, now a young man…run through the door in our little home in Kenya…a smile spread wide across his face. He sat breathless, and speechless. Laughter and tears streamed down his cheeks….his put his head into his hands…another holy surrender moment. Thank you Father that you allow me to witness these spaces.

“Mom,” he laughed and choked through sobs, “I’m so beautifully confused…”

My heart knew. He bowed again.

“I’ve never even thought this way. Never considered this. I’ve never felt this emotion. Am I crazy?” He shared…poured out his heart. He had heard the call. Clearly this time. His life was not his own. Would he answer? It was a moment of decision.

He said yes. Peace and joy have been his crown now. God take him…take his life…mighty in your hands. Maximise every gift you’ve placed in him! Move Him and Use Him for YOU. For your kingdom. For the lost. For the suffering. For the deformed. For the rejected. For the abused and the wounded. For the desperate. For those who are barely hanging on. For those who need HOPE and HEALING. Let Caleb be your hands. Your heart. Your voice. Speaking Truth. Touching and healing. Loving and Restoring. Let Caleb be wholeheartedly Yours.


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