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My little girl is a cheetah, at heart, that is…it began many months ago as a kitty…if you are a faithful reader of our blog, you will remember that my daughter seemed to have an ‘inner kitty’ long ago…but now the kitty has sort of grown into a cheetah.  I’m really not sure why or where this obsession (it IS an obsession) came from.  She loves to play Cheetah.  It is her love language right now. If you play Cheetah with her, she is happy and loved.  She walks like a Cheetah, grrrr-meeows like a Cheetah…she even does this amazing

Cheetah face.  The way she moves her shoulders and her eyes–she’s totally cat-like…I don’t know where she gets this from, but it is fairly unbelievable.  Most frequent visitors to my home are getting pretty tired of playing Cheetah.  Now Maija has expanded her Cheetah play…sometimes I am supposed to adopt her, sometimes I have to teach the Cheetah school (which she instructs me how to do)…but mostly, I am the ‘bad Cheetah’ and I MUST chase her–the good baby Cheetah.

I’m kind of tired of Cheetah, to be honest.  But tonight as I cleaned the kitchen I mentally prepared for my offering of love to my sweet daughter…I would play Cheetah for a little while before bed.  Maija was giving Cheetah instructions from the living room, “Mommy, you’re the bad cheetah and I’m the baby Cheetah–but you haven’t adopted me yet…and mommy…”  She came running up to me in the kitchen, “Oh, Mommy, it’s me, Maija!”  Oh good, I was afraid it was the Cheetah!!! 🙂 SHE IS HILARIOUS…I laughed out loud for a long time and told my little Cheetah how much I loved her and that she made me laugh…she asked, “Why are you laughing, mommy?”  “Because you’re such a funny little Cheetah!” I answered…Then I was a really bad Cheetah and Maija was a very loved little girl!! Sometimes it doesn’t really take that much!!

Here is Maija and her Cheetah followers.  She has trained Evie and Riah how to crawl and REEOWWWW just like her…so here was the Cheetah and her parade earlier tonight.  Do you just love my life?!?  I do.   meow.


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