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Chicken Curry with Sweet Potatoes and Squash!!

Here it is…my best, signature recipe…I adapted a recipe I found on to make it my own…added this and that and then added the all important squash and sweet potatoes! This recipe is our family’s favorite!! It is our sweet memory of Sri Lanka many years ago…they made the BEST curry on the earth.  SO, I tried my hand at it…I know it does not compare, but we love it!!

For the side dish and topper, slice some cucumber, add lime juice, salt and fresh parsley…we put it on top of our piping hot curry…for a ‘party in your mouth!’ as my kiddos say 🙂

Here’s my recipe…I apologize to all of you professional cooks out there…here’s to my funny recipe, but this is how I cook!! ENJOY (it makes A LOT!!, so maybe invite some sweet friends over to test it out!)

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CHICKEN CURRY WITH SQUASH AND SWEET POTATOES! Heat ~3 Tbls of oil Add:  ~2 Tbls of garlic, ~1 tsp of minced ginger…saute then add one onion, sliced….saute until soft ADD:  Chicken ( I usually put in approx 12 chicken tenders…or you could use ~6 chicken breasts) Cook through… Add 1 cup of white wine,  cook this high until the wine is evaporated –here is where the chicken should be easy to shred or chop up, however you like it.

(*Another option I do sometimes when I feel like shredded chicken, is to put the chx in the crock pot over night!!) NOW ADD and Simmer together for about 20 minutes… ~1 Cup of Beef Broth ~3 Tbls of Yellow Curry power ~3 Tbls of Peanut Butter

THEN Add:  2 cans of coconut milk (You can let this simmer and blend flavors all day if you like :)…just don’t boil it with the coconut milk in there.

When you’re about an hour out from serving put in cut up Butternut Squash and sweet potatoes  –cubed. (I usually add approx 3-4 sweet potatoes and 1 Squash)

The original recipe (which is really nothing like this one anymore) said you could top it with cilantro, coconut and/or peanuts 🙂 you might like that!?!?

I cook Jasmine rice and serve it piping hot!! (My sweet friend adds replaces some of the water in her rice with coconut milk…it is delicious!!

Happy November…BLESSINGS to you and your sweet family and friends…

Any yummy fall recipes to share?? thanks!


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