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Children, come to me…

This is what Jesus says, “Let them come to me…”

I love that that is what my husband does and says.  I love that his heart is to care and offer compassion and healing.  I love that HE is completely committed to HIS children and has called my husband into alignment with this calling…

Here are some of the precious ones from the last month…there is never really an ‘easy’ patient.

BUT we see miracles.  We see JESUS HEAL.  We also see children go home to heaven.  We see things that are only within God’s power and sovereignty to heal.  There are some that break our hearts and some that teach us of the power of God.

Thank you for continuing to pray for the children here in Soddo and surrounding.  They need their Father to touch them…imagine all that God has planned for all of these precious lives…for His glory.

“for such is the Kingdom of Heaven…”



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