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Dave in Ethiopia…I think?!??!

I know many of you can relate…your husband has flown to a faraway place and you don’t get that much-hoped for–though, NOT expected phone call…or email…or something saying they are where they were trying to go…so here I am…rambly and waiting.

Dave left early Monday morning from DC and I believe landed in Addis sometime early this morning…

So thankful that the season of Advent has me focused on PEACE this week…it has been real and tangible for me.  I’m not so much scared…just anxious to hear my husband’s voice as he sees and smells and experiences our future country for the first time….oh, I wish we were experiencing this together, but I know this is God’s sweet provision for Dave.    Jesus has been my Peace today…and the not knowing has kept me in prayer…unceasingly throughout the last 40 hours…This morning our Advent reading ended with “He Himself is our PEACE.”  He is…and always will be.

Tonight, Maija’s prayer again was so precious I wanted to record it here for Dave…. “Jesus, please bless Daddy today as I think his airplane landed in Ah-dees Ah baba’ (in PERFECT pronunciation!!)  Please bless his heart and thank you that he is working hard to find us our new home there so that we can love people and tell them about Jesus.”

I love this little girl’s prayers…she is just at such a precious place. (Like she always has been)

The kids are doing so great…they are really missing Dave, but they are being strong and brave.  I’m so proud of my kids.  They’ve walked a lot in their little lives and they have faith.  I’m thankful God has chosen them for His purposes…it is amazing to watch.

So, par for the course, Dave leaves the country…and what do I get…a dead battery in one car…and then a blown tire in the other!! What a day!  But HE WAS MY PEACE in it all…God provided an amazing servant at the YMCA to help me change my tire and we got home right on time.  The enemy tries, but will not succeed in stealing my Peace or my Joy this season.  He has overcome…and He is strong in me right now…I am thankful to be in the grip of my Mighty God and trusting that my precious husband is safe there too.

I love you all.


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