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Dave is off to Ethiopia…prayers for his heart!

Tonight, as I laid my precious 5 down to bed (on time, I must add;))…my 3 big kids and I were able to spend some special time in prayer, especially for Daddy as he’s on his way to our future home—ETHIOPIA!! Doesn’t that sound so amazing to say?!?! I think so!  We are thrilled…and sad to have him gone for this precious advent season for year #2…but mostly grateful at our sweet Heavenly Father’s provision…

Dave asked that we pray Psalm 86:11 over him and with him for this trip….often when Dave and I have seen God’s hand overseas, in our lives, in missions, in hurting people, in endless needs…in wanting more of God’s heart, we become distracted, divided and end up fearful or running on our own strength….This verse is a prayer for an UNDIVIDED HEART so that we may fear God.  What a perfect Scripture for this trip that will be filled with so much for Dave, for our family and we pray for many others in Ethiopia.

Tonight–these were pieces of my kids’ prayers…what precious words lifted as they trust their daddy to Jesus’ loving care tonight…

Maija: “Jesus, and please bless Daddy’s heart.  I know his heart must be broken as he had to say good bye to us…”

Ella: “Jesus, bless Daddy to love you more after this trip.  Help maybe a few people to come to know Jesus because of Daddy’s love on this trip.”  Wow…praise Jesus…she is getting it!!

Caleb: “God, help Daddy to fear you.”



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