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December…in Ethiopia, and in Dupont.

I’m ready for our life to be single-focused, single-minded..single-continented 🙂

The weeks before Christmas were precious, life-changing, and challenging.  Dave spent two weeks in Africa. I was here focusing on Our Savior’s birth…then tragedy struck a friend…and we were thrown abit…called to love and minister…then we got sick, ella broke her ankle.  Life continues.  Sometimes I wrestle with how to keep the JOY and the focus and the thanksgiving in the midst of LIFE, but in Christ, I can.  Some days, it’s hard to FEEL it, or choose it…but Jesus came to give life in abundance, so I fight for that promise to be a reality.

It was a hard couple weeks to have Dave away…it was a bit of a flash back to last year during the deployment, but it was as if God was reminding me of the truths He pounded into my heart last year while dave was away. HE is always enough.  And He was. And He is.  Where would I be without His love?  I’m not sure.

Dave’s experience was full of GRACE.  His experiences in Africa up to this point were not that great…but God spoke clearly to him the first morning in Addis that this trip would be a “Gilgal” experience…’a full circle’ for him.  Dave pressed into that…experienced God’s heart for him and for His people in Ethiopia.  He got to be a part of discipling and loving faithful believers in Ethiopia…He sensed his place there.  He sensed even that God has in many ways made us for ministering in Ethiopia.  That was a miracle and sweet gift from our Heavenly Father.

So many times in this process, we have said our weak, “yes” to the Lord…stepping into what we know He’s calling us to and He answers with HIS outpouring…His above and beyond love and His extravagance.  Sometimes I wonder why He called us…I see others more focused, more godly, more in tune with the Spirit…but He draws me closer to His heart as I realize it is nothing about my has nothing to do with my qualifications or our capacity to love or give or serve…it IS only and solely CHRIST IN US the HOPE OF GLORY.  It is His life through us.  It is our ABIDING in HIM and our willingness to do or say or GO where He asks…that is how we can be used of Him for His Glory.  I can rest and rejoice in that.

Dave was able to find us our apartment for our time living in Addis (June 5-December 21!) Isn’t this amazing that we now have actual DATES to type here!! Wow!! It is getting so real!!  Dave found an apartment…it is a 2 bedroom, near the language school.  We accepted it with thanksgiving and perspective. However, it was not going to be ideal…though it is super small, it was a tri-level…the kitchen and a bathroom on the main level, up the stairs to 2 bedrooms, then down the stairs to a main room.  There was no place for an eating area near the kitchen or for the kids to be under our watch while we’re cooking…I was okay and surrendered, but then suddenly Dave remembered another apartment he had seen…Now God has provided another 2 bedroom apartment on a compound with a large field for the kids to run…and it’s all one level 🙂  We’ll be cozy, but hopefully cozy with a few less injuries!!

We will be starting our Language Training of the Amharic Language on the 18th of June.  I’ll homeschool the kiddos in the morning, Dave will come home at lunch, take over for afternoon kid time and I’ll go to my language classes in the afternoon!! CRAZY…I really cannot even imagine this, but we feel very clear on devoting this time to preparation, acclamation and understanding this language of the people we’ve been called to love and share Jesus with.  It is ONLY 6 months.  We can do it…in HIS strength!!

In December, we’ll be able to move down to Soddo!! (Into our home that will then feel like a mansion 🙂 and begin our life and ministry there!! We are thrilled!!  In the 5 months ahead, we will be preparing our hearts, our children, our lives…simplifying and focusing on Jesus…I pray. We hope and desire to be intentional in all aspects of our life in our time remaining…with our marriage, with our kids…with our dear friends and family in Christ here–listening and hearing God’s will in day to day life is one of the greatest challenges in times of transition and change (at least for us!) I am praying to be in the Word and close to His heart–hearing from His Spirit and willing to obey! Please pray for me.  That cannot be done in my own strength!


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