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Easter Monday…Our Home…

Today…was crazy.  But HE did it again!!

We got up early–hauled the kids off to Madigan for one more round of Immun. shots!! Then did a couple more little errands…got home…Dave began unloading the garage onto the driveway…the kids ran happily in the sun!! I was just beginning to sort, organize….start the packing that needs to be done by next week…

We got a phone call…Dave came out grinning…”Good news and bad news!”  We had another opportunity to show the house.  I was feeling worn out, but also know this is what we’re praying for and NEED for the house to sell!  I say okay and ran inside to do a quick sweep and clean of the house!  As I did this routine…only in our third week, I began praying hard…mostly for JOY in the road set before me.  After about an hour and 15 minutes I was done, the garage was put back together and I took the tribe out to the park for a picnic!

Riah and Dave left at 1:30 for Riah’s first therapy in Seattle.  They wouldn’t be home until 7:30.

We watched the sweet family come and go. It was almost 3.  I was locked out of my house.  No nap for Evie.  We got in our house closer to 4…made an easy dinner…all the kids were in bed by 6:45!!

I prayed all day, “Jesus, I am thankful for this…but I really don’t know how to do this…please help me….how do I pack our family to move overseas, get ready for a selling everything sale next week, keep my house ‘showable’ and send Riah and Dave up to Seattle every day for the next 3 weeks…Not that this is impossible, but it seems out of my scope! Please help me know how to accomplish what is set before me this week.”

SO…Monday night…in all my exhaustion, We got a phone call…We had an OFFER ON OUR HOME!!! Isn’t He so sweet to us!! He must have known I couldn’t do it all 🙂 I couldn’t believe it, but then I knew He knew that He needed to care for us in a precious and tangible way right now. So…our home is pending sale and we let it explode this week to pack!!

Here’s my new homeschooling schedule…for all of you that might do this someday. (And if anyone reading this is struggling with whether or not you’re ‘doing’ homeschool well…Here you go!!)  The THEME right now is ~WE ARE FAMILY!!

6:00 Try to get up

6:30  Evie’s up

7:00 Everyone’s up…breakfast, devotions…clean up the whole house.  Get everyone dressed (who needs baths?)

9:00 Go to Madigan for shots, the Post Office for Passports, Costco for Photos…or any other random errands that need to get done. (with ALL 7 of us!!)

12:00 Home for lunch

1:30…Evie Naps, Riah and Dave head to Seattle for Therapy…Bigs do ‘school’…Maija helps me pack…

3:30…Outside, because we all need it… SO THANKFUL FOR RARE Washington sun.

5:00 Dinner,  Pack some more…play, read…

7:00 SO READY for bed!!

8:00 Dave and Riah get home…Bible Time, prayers…good night!!


Hopefully all of this is doing a higher and deeper work in us…we want to be doing this to draw closer to Jesus…I am seeing His goodness to us right now. His love is amazing.  He has called and He is proving Himself faithful in each step.  There is so much releasing…but I feel fuller at every point. I want to know Him.  He wants to be known.  Our lives are about to drastically change, but He doesn’t.  That is our ROCK right now.  Our foundation never changes…really that’s all that matters.  He is showing us to LOVE Him above all…and trust Him in ways we never have.

“The LORD your God is providing you a place of rest…” Joshua 1:13

Off for a nap…thank you, Lord, for a rest.


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