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Fall Update on the Tribe…

This Fall has started out full…in so many ways!  We’re off to a really good start of homeschooling with a new curriculum this year!  We are testing out a possible curriculum that my sweet friend (who will be our neighbor in Soddo) recommended.  It’s called Classical Conversations…ALL MEMORIZING!! It is truly amazing how much my kiddos are like little sponge brains! I also can’t believe how BIG my kids are…aren’t they so beautiful!!??

CC is really great, especially for my eldest–super social kid!! I struggled with it at first…not wanting “knowledge to puff up”…that’s the last thing we all need! But, God has shown me and spoken wisdom through some other moms…this is exactly how Jesus used to be taught…we’re building up the kids’ brain muscles and forming a foundation for later learning to file in much easier (makes me wish I had a few more brain muscles right now!!) Also, I strive to teach my kids, but often feel that it isn’t super effective…this is efficient learning and effective. I love that we’re learning this year about the US-God’s plan and purpose from the very beginning…it has been a huge faith builder for me.  Next year, we get to study AFRICA! Isn’t that awesome that God orchestrated that for our family?!  I love it!  My favorite part is the Timeline…we are memorizing the Timeline from Creation until PRESENT!! My kids are doing way better than me! CC has a lot of great memorizing tools so we get to jump around and sing alot too!! Always good with 5 kids.  I’ve also been able to keep alot of my Sonlight readers since they have a US HISTORY Core program…the books have added so much, along with our favorite History books so far, The Light and The Glory!! Oh, so awesome!!  Here we are on our FIRST DAY OF CC!!

I have been scouring blogs to get ideas for my toddlers…homeschooling 5 kids is SO hard…Mostly because I feel like I can never give anyone enough…and my two Littles need so much attention right now…I’m sure you’ve all heard, but my new favorite Homeschool Blog is called Confessions of a Homeschooler.  This woman has been GIFTED!! So, thank you, Erica…You’ve helped encourage and equip me a little bit more for my days with two busy bees!!  Although, here’s my true confession.  I love all the blogs where everything looks beautiful, holy, organized and calm while homeschooling…I have some of those moments too…but the reality is, most of it is a bit crazy, messy and life

There is grace in it all…but just to encourage those of you who might

have a toddler like me.  I attempted last week to do what I’ve read…I prepared a TON, got lots of activities ready…Riah and Maija did awesome…loved it–were focused and happy…Evie however, would not do anything I set out.  After a few minutes, I looked over to see her standing on the bench with all the activities laid out–organized, cute, happy…and with pepper all over them :)….Evie had her own creative cooking ideas come over her while she was doing her activities….Oh boy!!  I love her. (The other two pictures are my picture of Homeschooling Dreams!!)

One of the BEST things I do with my two oldest is the Homeschool Gym and swim classes at the YMCA:)!! It has been such a great gift to us here in the rainy Northwest!! The kids get to exercise…and so do I (twice a week is better than none!!)  I’m trying to enjoy this especially this year as I know that won’t be much a possibility next year in Ethiopia…swimming with Hippos is generally not a suggested activity!!

I love teaching my kids.  Most days.  Some days are just so hard.  Some days I see God’s hand in it all…We are studying the Holy Spirit right now in our church and small group.  I am realizing more and more how much I DO without resting, without listening, without asking for His guidance…The past 9 days, Evie has been a BLESSING…so sweet and obedient (mostly)…A couple weeks ago, I was just about at my end…I started praying hard for her, for me.  I asked my mentor, my small group and my accountability partner to pray for me!! God has been so faithful in my day to day life…seeking HIS wisdom…guiding my choices with daily life, character focus, and curriculum.  I am seeing that He is SO intimately involved in ALL of us…in every detail.  I want more of that.  He has entrusted me with much in my home…I want to make it all beautiful for Him–not sprinkle all the beauty with pepper. I do that too much.  Homeschooling and having five kids has been the greatest refining tool in my life.  Hopefully we are looking more like Him, rather than less…sometimes, I’m not so sure.  Maybe in all my weakness I give more opportunity for His strength and the Gospel to be real and living in our home.

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