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From Death to LIFE!!



This baby’s momma was admitted in another hospital with pneumonia for 6 days.  She was so sick when she arrived.  Her sat’s were in the 60s, her blood pressure was frighteningly low…the team of doctors quickly saw she was pregnant and rushed her to an emergency C-Section.   This little one came into the world without a heart beat and without breathing. Dave decided as he bagged this little baby, that he would give her an hour.  He pressed air into her little lungs over and over again.  At 45 minutes the baby breathed her first breath.  Dave’s hope rose, and he continued.  This little one came back to life!  God reached down and breathed life back into her.  She soon began breathing, Dave put her on a bubble C-pap and over the past week, she has slowly gained strength and grown.  She came off C-pap this week and began nursing with her momma–who was also brought from death to life…Evie went over and prayed with her and has been FULL of joy knowing that Jesus heard her prayer and answered in miraculous ways!!

We were sure this momma here was going to die.  They had to give her a trach and her lungs were gone. She was unresponsive for two days and no one thought she’d pull through, but GOD had another plan.  He saved her, and her baby.  They will most likely be able to go home this week!! PRAISE HIM, FOR HE IS A GOD THAT BRINGS THE DEAD BACK TO LIFE!!!



This is just total, miraculous LIFE times THREE!!!

Thank you, Father.


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