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Gracious Uprooting.

Today I watched as my sweet children welcomed our new neighbors.

They’ll only be our neighbors for one week of course, but my kids welcomed them with a shady spot and popsicles!

I watched them sit and talk…Caleb shared his whole life story over a popsicle.  I love that about him.  At one point I heard him telling Jack why his middle name is Matthew…this was right after he told him about his best friends at home, Drew and Cameron.

Riah sat contentedly with all the big kids, drooling green sticky popsicle all down her tummy. She is happy and belongs.

I suddenly began thinking of how often as a mommy, you want to just place a protective shield around your children…let them be barefoot in the grass eating popsicles.  You want to save them from the hurts and pains that will come in life.

Next week, we move out of our home…have a family vacation of a lifetime…see our precious families…move back to an incredible church and community…

Next month, we readjust to living in the States…readjust to ‘our’ culture…then we prepare for Dave’s deployment.

I thought how innocent and happy our kids are…how they can’t prepare or even comprehend the changes that will take place in their little lives in the next 2 months.  I took this all to Jesus.  Giving him the cares of my heart.  You know, as He always does, He covered me with peace and reminded me of some TRUTH that I need to be rooted in.  He reminded me that the way he strengthens His children is to take us to a place where we have to know HIM–a place where He alone can be our Home, our Joy, our constant.


At the same time, God brought to my heart today…the countless orphans across this globe who have no concept of security or stability as my children do.  I thought of the mothers who give their lives day in and day out just to provide one meal for their babies.  I thought of my friend who was just diagnosed with a life-altering disease.  I thought of my neighbor, whose mom just had a stroke.  I thought of my sweet Riah, a year ago, sitting without a family in an orphanage.  My life is SO good.  And not just because there’s not a crisis right now, but because I KNOW that no matter what comes tomorrow, I have a Savior who is more than Enough.


My mom and I talked a couple weeks ago about the word “uprooted”…what an interesting word we use for moving, but as I love gardening…this word is so descriptive for me.  When you see a plant in an area that doesn’t allow it to flourish, you move it.  Sometimes, there’s too much beauty in one place and you need some color somewhere else.  Sometimes a plant is struggling and needs more light, more shade, more soil.  I see this in my family.  I cannot let my children just stay–rooted and safe. They need to be uprooted right now.  For whatever purpose God has in their lives, God is building into them.  He needs their roots and foundation to be strong in Jesus.  Not in where they live.  Not in their friends.  Not in their own security.

As a mom, I battle with this…I want them to feel safe and secure and happy.  But more than that, I want them to know that their Father in Heaven is a Strong Tower.  He is their refuge.  He never changes. He is their best friend…and their Father.

I write this the week before the move, knowing that I will need to re-read this…when my little flowers are a bit ‘withered’ and sun-scorched from being uprooted…I need to remember that there is a season of pain and of shock when you’ve been ripped from your ‘place’…but I am anticipating God’s rich love and grace to pour out.  I am excited to watch my kids blossom as they’re reunited with their family…I cannot wait to see them build relationships with their cousins…to have a church home, awanas, and friends that are home schooled.  I can’t wait for them to see how much God loves them through how he carries us all into this new adventure.  I will watch God’s faithfulness as He prunes, surrounds them, nourishes them, and gives them deeper, stronger roots.  I have to recall that some things we must let go of, or allow to ‘die’ in us…so God can bring forth beauty and New Life. I pray that in our new place, He has many lives for us to touch with His love…to add beauty and encouragement and hope to some that are in need.

The truth is, a kernel of wheat must be planted in the soil. Unless it dies it will be alone–a single seed. But its death will produce many new kernels–a plentiful harvest of new lives.John 12:24


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