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Groundbreaking…here and in soddo.

The groundbreaking is underway...

I love our patient, loving Heavenly Father…As I have embarked on my writing/blogging binge today…I wanted to write so much more…but I felt a bit stuck.  Here’s why. I want to FEEL a certain way.  I want to be LIVING a certain way.  Consistently.  Faithfully.  Lovingly.  Prayerfully.  I want all these things…I often feel that I am moving backwards, as God propels us forward.  I read God’s TRUTH…He is Sufficient. He is ENOUGH.  He has gone before.  He IS MY JOY.  He delights my heart and sings over me with His SONGS.  His love covers over my sin…all of them…every single time.  My head knows it, but my heart doesn’t some days.  Preparation seasons are incredible.  Incredible in hard ways and refining ways and beautiful ways.  I love what comes out of these seasons…I KNOW it is happening, but it hurts.  Right now there is much that hurts. There is a lot of letting go.  A lot of feeling overwhelmed.  A lot of hopes and expectations both internally and externally.  I wanted to write today, but I didn’t want to write ugly…I wanted to write beauty.  I wanted to write gratitude and hope.  Tonight, Jesus gently and lovingly reminded me of the groundbreaking.  Look at this beautiful dirt! It really is, isn’t it…so much potential for LIFE…but right now it’s a lot of work, a lot of sweat…a lot of waiting and pressing on.  This is my life. There is a lot of digging…much turning over…there is so much being uncovered and so much being buried.  For LIFE to come there must be death. For each new beginning, there is usually some chapters closed.  The tension is real…but it is beautiful.  I am tonight embracing this dirt….this picture is our future home in Soddo…this dream for 15 years is now in the DIRT in SODDO, Ethiopia!!  The love of Christ has compelled me, sustained me, changed me and is moving me closer to His heart. Really that’s all I long for.

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