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Happy TWO Evie-Bear!! We love you!

She is a heart stealer with her bright eyes, dimples and chubby feet!


She has arrived in the land of 2.  Or, maybe I should say, the land of “NO!”.  I can honestly say, I wasn’t expecting this personality in my fifth child.  Please know that after 5 kids, I don’t exaggerate too much anymore.  This one is PRECIOUS and DELIGHTFUL and I love her like crazy…but, she is my MOST challenging by far.  For some reason, my kids after Ella were difficult at times, but not such a strain!  Evie is STRONG willed in the fullest sense of the word…she wrote the book on it.   If everything is right in her world, she can be sweet, helpful and obedient…super cute and FUNNY…but I will say, usually not everything is ‘right’ for Evie.  I think she wanted to be an only child.

We all adore her and I’m so thankful the other kids are so patient and forgiving of her.  She was adorable for her 2nd birthday, reminding me so much of Caleb.  I kept asking her what she’d like for her birthday dinner.  “Red tate” (cake) was her only request.  Thanks to our friends (Thanks, Wilkenings :), she also got this perfect RED big wheel!!)  She was so happy being able to ride with the big kids….and put her feet up once in awhile!

At two, Evie mostly loves me.  She also loves, LOVES milk, yogurt, peaches and strawberries.  She loves music…she LOVES her sisters and brother–though she may not totally know it yet! She loves to play at the park, swing and run with her arms out behind her!  She is HUGE. She has now surpassed Riah in height and weight.  Her raspy voice remains. We love it!  Evie loves her Nanna and often cries for her when I have to discipline her. 😉  She is fairly adamant right now about wearing big girl undies, but yells at me when it’s time to sit on the potty?!  Any suggestions would be appreciated.    She is starting to develop the love of reading like her siblings which I love to see!

Though a challenge, we are up for it.  God has graced us with 5 amazing kids. Ella was my ‘trial by fire’ baby…through age 4, I wasn’t sure I would survive as her mother, but God has so kindly blessed me with an 8 year old whom I adore.  She is kind and gentle, obedient and a servant.  I would not have guessed that would have been her at age 2…or 3…or even 4.  God enabled us to press through and be faithful to raise her according to His ways.  I see her as my sweet reward every day as I persevere with Evie.  She delights my heart in so many ways.  Evie IS faithful and persistent…She LOVES me like crazy…and I think she is going to be hilarious, determined, strong,  and a nurturer as well.  We’ll see what God has planned in this precious one.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Evie….Have a wonderful third year of LIFE!

As Evie would say, “I love you much.”


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