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Here the fields are golden and ready.

He spoke it clearly to my heart the day Dave left for the south…the fields are ripe…my Harvest is coming…Open your eyes!

See my glory–

Preparing a sanctuary to hear and a place to receive compassion…can you even imagine such a welcome, such joy, such gratitude in another place?  These are hearts and lives overflowing with thanks.  The people of T@ra led Dave and the others to a new hut…built just for them.  This is one of the most precious gifts I think our family has ever received.  A home, a clinic –in a village in Southern Ethiopia where God has chosen to bring in a harvest in such a time as this.  I marvel at this and recognize this hut as front lines and a front row seat to the mighty work of God.

  They have been ready.  They have been waiting.  How many others, pray and wait…? May the Father so burden our hearts for those who are waiting and longing to hear. The Harvest is ready, lift your eyes.   

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