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in His image…

My heart is longing and learning to see Him in them…I wrestle day to day…to live here and have my heart in two worlds…the longing is growing–we are ready to go.  I am daily struggling right now to be fully present here.  God is transitioning my heart and mind one day at a time…it is painful and beautiful.  I feel extreme emotions…highs, lows, surrender, clinging.  I am asking God for Grace…How do I live these next four months gracefully?  I know the answer is to fully REST, fully DELIGHT in Him.  I know that the weakness I feel every day is the perfect place to be…as I see His strength overcome.  He is my Strong Tower…if I would only lay down my rights, my stubborn-ness, my selfishness…He is able to transform and redeem all of the ways I see and experience and live right now…He is able to live through my weakness…And I can live in His strength.

I am excited to love and learn to love in His ways, with His heart.

Here are some precious pictures that are making this waiting season beautiful.  I know all are made in the image of God.  The Suffering Servant gives us faces, eyes filled with pain, bulging bellies and hearts that are pure and precious before Him.  So many redeemed and so many that are desperate for Hope.  So, as I struggle in these days here in my comfort, I have vivid reminders of who Christ is…what the high calling is, and my life can be laid down one day at a time, not all at once.  As I struggle in my sin, I am reminded of His love that defends the cause of the weak –including me–I am reminded of the One who maintains the rights of the poor…I worship the Rescuer of the weak and needy…and I KNOW that my Deliverer is strong.


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