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Insight from two wise souls…

This week as my kids and I grieved and talked about my Grandma Obie going to Heaven I was struck again by the tenderness of sweet Caleb’s heart.  He cried and cried just thinking about Grandma Obie–even before she passed away.  He hasn’t even seen her since he was a year old, but she has a special place in his heart. She was incredibly faithful and NEVER missed anyone’s birthday or anniversary.  Not even when she was very ill over the past year. This made a huge impact on my little 5 year old.

He was crying with me after we found out about my Grandma’s death.  He stopped crying and was just hugging me.  He sat back and said, “Mommy, I bet you kind of know how this feels, don’t you?”  “Does it feel the same as when your friend Matthew died?”…Wow, thank you for asking, Caleb.  It does hurt just like that.


Yesterday Grandpa Ron came over (aka Frank ;)).  He was so sweet.  Just came to play with the kids and brought a pizza.  What a huge blessing at the end of this week.  He was sitting with us and letting us know how sorry he was for my Grandma’s death.  Maija quickly spoke up,  “Yeah, well…it’s good for Grandma.  Bad for us.  She’s with Jesus.”  Amen.


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