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julie’s teeny weeny goal vs. God’s EXTRAVAGANCE.

Well, if you’ve followed my last couple of blogs, you’ll see I had a very HUMAN Goal of raising $1000 to give where God leads in Ethiopia!! I guess HE has bigger plans, because the FLOOD has been drenching us here! My kids and I started making this graph after only 2 hours because we realized that we would reach our goal within a day! It was an awesome display of God’s outpouring and generosity through HIS people!! My kids were dancing in the living room and could NOT believe how much money was being offered to help those so in need!  The second day, they ran out in the morning anxious to see how high our graph had gone…and NOW look at it!! We are headed to ET in just 4 days with an ABUNDANCE…PRAISE HIM and thank you.


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