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life together.

My best Christmas gift this year was our best friends coming and living with us for 10 days!! Those were 10 days of truly doing life together (just like we used to do in Korea) except here we all went to bed under the same roof, woke up under the same roof…ate all 30 meals together…endured 7 LOUD and HAPPY kids together…we laughed, cried, prayed, shared together late into the evenings.  Our kids were loved, wrestled, blessed by this kind of living.

It is risky to LIVE life with others…it can be ugly, painful and so hard to see the realities of our own spirits and those of others, but I have found nothing more precious and meaningful on this earth.  This is “iron sharpens iron”.  We have to be there, willing to be transparent…willing to show our hearts, our sins, our victories and our hard places.  I love this and pray that everyone can experience the depth and refining of these kind of relationships within the Body of Christ while on this earth.

J and T…and precious boys…thank you for loving us enough to share your lives with us.  We love you and cherish the treasure God has given us for this lifetime!


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