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living a miraculous life…while terribly ill!

I woke up this morning…so sick.  No biggie…press on. Then I heard Evie groaning, “My tummy hurts…” oh boy.  She was okay until the morning milk…then it was flying barf morning in the Ayer household.  I really had no plan, so it must have just been God’s grace while I was caring for Evie…I told the 4 bigs to go play upstairs, actually not really expecting it would last long, but they got into character.  I felt like I was living in a funny homeschool dream…while my baby and I are sick on the floor, the big kids are upstairs for TWO AND A HALF HOURS pretending “Little House On The Prairie!!” The only time they asked to come down was when they were ‘heading west’ and they wanted to show me the new outfits Pa had bought them…they had dresses on and sacks over their shoulders…it was totally precious and unbelievable.  Is that a miracle to anyone else?? Maybe the big kids for nearly 3 hours, but a THREE and FOUR year old…really, God provided today through my awesome kids.  Then during the Littles’ 2 hours nap, Caleb and Ella were so quiet…did all their school books and read and colored…so I actually was able to rest!!  I told them all night how much they blessed and served me and Evie bear today.  I was trying to isolate as much as possible, we’ll see tomorrow!!!

Here’s Pa, Ma (with her appropriate broken foot :), Laura (with the brown hair) and Mary (with the Blond curls)…oh, yes and baby Carrie…sometimes it IS a dream.

Our verse this week in this week of JOY for advent…”Be JOYFUL ALWAYS…”

He always provides something to rejoice over…always.Thank you Father, for your precious and perfect provision today for me and my kids.


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