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made for this place…

I am in awe of Jesus.

As Dave left 2 weeks ago, we prayed (in maybe too little faith) that God would give Dave an undivided heart.  I haven’t had too much contact with Dave, but I will tell you this man has a more complete heart than I have ever heard in the past 11 years.  God is doing a work in Him and I can’t wait to have him back…to sit next to him, to see his eyes full of life and vision and single minded-ness.  I have prayed and waited for this for so many years.  Our God is so good.  We are freed up to be who God is asking us to be. No more government dictating our decisions, locations, family time…God can move us as He desires.  What a precious freedom in that and I am so excited that Dave has been freed from so many of the ‘issues’ that were holding his heart.

As he walked through these past couple weeks, the most amazing, jaw dropping confirmation that God gave to dave was speaking to his heart late one night that Dave had found the place that God had made him for (at least on this earth)…I could NOT believe those words—it is beyond what I ever imagined!  Then the next night, one of the pastors in the discipleship training walked up to Dave and said to him, “God is wanting me to encourage you with this–I believe He has MADE YOU FOR THIS PLACE.” Dave had JUST met this man!  God is SO sweet. He LOVES us all, but this was His voice of LOVE to dave’s heart. He drew him.  Captured him.  When Dave hears from God, he is done in. God has sealed our hearts for HIS.  He has given us a UNIFIED passion and deep deep love for the things of HIS heart in Ethiopia…how did this happen?  It’s been just like falling in love. Miraculous.

We are made for Heaven…made for our Creator, but while here on this earth, I cannot think of a more precious, heaven sent gift than to know God’s will and where His hand is guiding.  Jesus, we love you.  We are ready to follow.  Thank you for this life giving call.  May we walk worthy–for your Glory!

Please keep sweet Dave in your prayers as he begins his 17 hours flight to DC…then HOME to us!!

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