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Miracles and Salvation in Soddo

One of the passions and focus of SCH is to DISCIPLE…Jesus said it, “GO, and MAKE DISCIPLES…”  These beautiful Ethiopian believers inspire me…we come to their country to ‘help’, to ‘give’, to disciple, train and love, but they blow me away with the purity and passion of their faith.  Once a fire is ignited, it spreads here.  Since being home in Soddo one month, I have been deeply encouraged and inspired by some of our amazing leaders working at SCH. Each week they meet in Discipleship/Bible Study groups and are fed and blessed through the Word.  They receive this Word with conviction.

Two weeks ago, two men from the hospital, during their days off traveled far North to an unreached area and shared water and Living Water with those who had never before heard.  This story, moved my heart!

They traveled far into a desert area taking much needed drinking water.  The people of course were desperate to receive this gift, but said they did not want their “Gospel”, unless their God could make it rain.  How would you handle that challenge?  Like Elijah, or Jonah?  One of the men–boldly stood in the center of the men of unbelief and prayed out loud–proclaiming that God would bring rain the next day at that exact time.  These people had not seen rain in months.  But HE BELIEVED.  The next day, God was PLEASED to send down rain–torrential, unending rain, just like HIS LOVE for these thirsty people.  80 of them drank deeply of SALVATION.  The rain kept coming, so much so that the evangelists and their team were actually stuck in the mud…stuck in the evidence of all that pouring down of LOVE.

Another Saturday, a church here in Soddo, felt called to hold a evangelical concert in the middle of the town…hundreds came –heard the sound of worship and the Word…as I watched, 8 precious souls walked up and gave their lives, lifted their hands to their Redeemer.  Every day here, the choice between life and death is right before our eyes.  This way–God’s way of multiplying souls is absolutely awe-inspiring….


Let every tribe, every tongue, bow before YOU!!

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