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 But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them…”  Matthew 9:36

Today, my husband ran.  He ran out the door in his bright blue scrubs.  He ran as a man would run to his own hurting child.  We often tease around our home that Dave’s highest gifting is not compassion, but I think it may be at the core of what drives all he does.  His phone rang…a baby could not breathe.  The Breath of Life –how precious.  And my husband ran, like one who could do nothing else.  Jesus also ran.  He runs.  When we are gasping, groping for Breath, he runs to us.  What moved Jesus was his compassion—his heart led him to those He loved.  What compels a man to run?  Today, Dave’s heart led his feet to this little one’s bedside.

He told our kids this morning, “God’s sovereignty means trusting that God can see all the things that we are unable to see.”

Dave did all he could humanly speaking today, and came running back to me, tears streaming down his cheeks.  Releasing control hurts deep.  Realizing how little power we actually have opens our eyes to our humanness…and to God’s sovereignty over it all.  Ella stood with me and said, “Momma, I’ve never seen Daddy cry.”   I told her to thank God for a Daddy that can feel and cry—and be moved with compassion.

When a day starts with breeze and calm and then a storm comes, we must choose to be moved with compassion, and run.  Run to our Father’s arms.  Trust in His love.  Trust His heart and that He sees.  And let compassion move us.

Now 3 days later…This little one is holding on to Life, only by God’s grace.  We are in awe and praising Him for His love.


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