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Moving Day and the rolling PEACH.

SOME things I’m thankful for…

1. It’s done.

2. None of my kids got packed in the boxes.  

3.  We had a great team of movers!!

4.  I had some awesome friends that helped so much with the kids.

5.  It only took 11 hours, not 2 days!

6.  Dave and I didn’t fight TOO much:).

7.  The thunder and lightning and crazy rain did not come until 25 minutes after they drove off with our crates.  PRAISE GOD!

8.  Boxes and an empty house really are a LOT of fun for kids! (at least for the first few days.)

9.  My kids LOVE to eat cereal for dinner 🙂

10.  Riah was a champ–my sleeper (who normally takes two LONG naps, only got a quickie in the car) but she did great!! But by the end of the day, she was done…This is pretty much how we all felt!

Here’s an excerpt from James and the Giant Peach–The kids and I read this early this morning. I saw many parallels here for how my kids might possibly be feeling today.  Moving is hard, and crazy, unexpected and adventurous.  Today, it hurts for my kids.  But, we press on, and I’m trying to keep a sense of humor in it all….So James helped today–in a funny sort of way!!

“We’re OFF!” someone was shouting. “We’re OFF at last!” James woke up with a jump and looked about him.  The creatures were all out of their hammocks and moving excitedly around the room. Suddenly, the floor gave a great heave, as though an earthquake were taking place.  “HERE WE GO!” shouted the Old-Green-Grasshopper, hopping up and down with excitement. “Hold on tight!”….”What’s HAPPENING?” cried James, leaping out of his hammock, “What’s going on?” The Ladybug, who was obviously a kind and gentle creature, came over and stood beside him. “In case you don’t know it,” she said, “we are about to depart forever from the top of this hill that we’ve all been living on for so long. We are about to roll away inside this great big beautiful peach to a land of….of….of… a land of—” “Of what?” asked James… ……….. One second later….s…l…o…w…l…y…., insidiously, oh most gently, the great peach started to lean forward and steal into motion.  The whole room began to tilt over and all the furniture went slididng across the floor, and crashed against the far wall.  So did James and the Ladybug and the Old-Green-Grasshopper and Miss Spider and the Earthworm, also the Centipede, who had just come slithering quickly down the wall.”


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