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My beautiful neice and Harvest FUN!!

Have you heard the amazing news…I’m an Auntie again!!! Alexia, my sweet new niece was born to my sister-in-law, Marie and her husband, Francois on the 1st of September…I FINALLY got to meet her and snuggle her up!! Ohhhh, I am so in love again!  She isn’t so in love with me yet, but just wait!!  She does love Ella however…We call Ella the baby-whisperer and the animal-whisperer around here…she has an amazing way!  I don’t usually love Halloween as much as I did this year, but I think you’ll understand why when you see these pictures!! I love you, baby Alexia…welcome to our family!! You are SO loved!

Ella and Alexia...Love at first sight!

Ella and Alexia...Love at first sight!

Our Family together for a fun holiday!! It was too much fun!!

Here's Auntie with Little Stinker, Evie and Little Pooh, Maija!! The outfits were so appropriate this year!

SUGAR + 20 people in my small living room = FUN!!

The kids (and grown ups) had a night filled with sugar, laughter, FUN, Skyping, lots of treats and some mischief on the front porch…after a while of feeling like our house was too quiet, we found most of the Tribe scarfing down candy on the front porch!!  It was too hilarious!! What we’ll do for chocolate!! I even found the remnants of one candy bar in our trick or treat basket–that had all of the chocolate nibbled off of it…hmmmmm, I wonder who could have done that!?!? (Actually I know exactly who the culprit was, because she is just like her mommy with a passion for chocolate…little Pooh!!)


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