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Outreach, Baptisms…and JOY in April…

We arrived home from Addis just days before another outreach.  Dave was weary.  He needed a real rest.  We were well-stocked, car-loaded and happy to be heading back home to Soddo.  We arrived home Monday afternoon.  Sometimes you have no idea what lies ahead on your path…especially here.  Tuesday morning a sweet little 3 year old arrived in Soddo and presented with a very severe cancer.

He stood on the stairs, hugged me and said, “Can I show you a picture? And I need to ask you something?”  I knew.  But I looked at the picture anyway.  This little girl–just the age of my Evie lay there in this photo, not even looking human.  Her eyes were bulging and swollen and oozing with the mucosa from around her eyes.  Her little body was frail.  “Can I drive her to Addis?”  What could I say?  I packed sandwiches for Dave, injera and wat for the family.  The kids were sad, but so strong.  We hugged a very tired, but preciously obedient Daddy and waved goodbye.

The entire situation was very difficult.  It was a long drive back up and they were met with challenging issues at the hospital in Addis.  Dave had been given mis-information over the phone, so the family was responsible to pay for all the care–we thought it was free…they are from South of Soddo, so they speak no English and probably very little Amharic.  They were asked to fill out 9 forms in English and then unfortunately had to spend 2 nights in the ER.

Dave was discouraged and exhausted, but was able to push through.  He got the family as situated as possible and was thankful for a new oncologist in Addis to refer patients to.  God is bringing workers here–it is so badly needed.  He felt confident he did as the Lord asked and did all he could do…so he drove back home to us.  He arrived home Wednesday evening and was able to bring 2 men from our sending agency, Global Outreach International, with him on the ride South.  They would be in Soddo for a few days visiting with all the missionary families from GOI and also accompanying Dave on his outreach to the S. Tribes.  It was a gift to get 6 hours in the car to share and get to know them.

Thursday was full of work and preparation for the outreach.  Friday, the helicopter came and off they flew.  The weekend was filled with JESUS. With His LIFE.  His baptism.  His Word going forth.  Just SEE what God is doing…

50 believers in the T’ara Villages were BAPTIZED!!

(Despite swarms of angry bees, these believers stood firm and were baptized!  Four times this many people journeyed to this pool of water, but so many were chased away by the bee attack.  These precious ones stood strong and were blessed!!)

The procession, praising, singing and JOY on the way to the baptism was absolutely beautiful!!

More of the WORD fell on hungry hearts…

JOY in worship…

Medicine and compassion are being shared…Dave says in this village in particular he is seeing a true change in the health of the community!! Amazing!

The K Tribe saw a book for the first time…ever.  Ben will teach the Word and teach them how to read…over time.  Can you even imagine?

More teaching on the hillside!! I cannot even believe the EXTENT OF GOD’S LOVE…through 3 languages He is communicating His grace to this village–so ready to receive!! Please pray for the T’ara people…they need prayers for strength, courage and protection.

He is reaching to the ENDS OF THE EARTH!! Please PRAISE HIM WITH US!!


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