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Please PRAY fervently for the People of Soddo!

This is an unbelievable picture of something that has drastically altered the lives of the people who will soon be our neighbors…This fire hit the main power plant for the entire region that Soddo lies in.  It has wiped out all power.  The hospital and missionaries on the compound have power by a generator only a few hours a day.  We cannot begin to imagine how this is affecting the lives of so many who depend on electricity to get their water from the wells…The Ethiopian Government is taking this all very seriously and is working so hard to get it fixed, but of course, the resources and labor is limited.

PLEASE pray that God does a miracle in and through this fire…that He would show Himself to be their Living Water…that He would provide ENOUGH for the hospital and staff…for the missionaries…for all the poor…for the orphans….Thank you for joining us in praying for these precious people on the other side of the world, but so close to our hearts.

Please check out Soddo’s Facebook Page for more information!!


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