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“pray for ME!”

My sweet Maija gave me a great laugh today.  She has been displaying fairly aggressive, flailing outbursts lately–what many might call tantrums.  Hers are interesting–on her back, full body flailing with her legs somehow kicking up into the air like a bucking horse…along with this comes some less than pleasant words and screaming.  So, earlier in the week we read one of her favorite princess books and it was about patience.  It gave the very great idea of counting and being patient even with yourself.  Many of Maija’s tantrums are due to total frustration.  I want her to learn to be patient with herself, but I also know it’s essential right now for her to rely on God to help her to have self-control when she DOES feel the intensity of frustration. So, the Lord gave me the idea to have her say a quick prayer and then count to 5 each time she gets angry or frustrated.  So, I’ve been implementing this during the week…as a tantrum starts, I try and grab her hands and I say, “Let’s pray, Maija…Dear Jesus, please help me to control myself, or please help me not to scream, etc…” then, “1, 2, 3, 4, 5.”  It actually works 🙂  Isn’t God so awesome. That’s a miracle to me!!

Today was too funny not to share.  Maija was VERY mad at the world, began her fish flailing tantrum in the middle of the homeschool room.  I was standing in the bathroom and I looked towards her, body flailing, legs flying, as she yelled, “PRAY FOR ME!! PRAY FOR ME!!”  It makes me laugh, but I love it!  I’ve felt that way a lot this week too. 


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