quotes of the week…

“Mom, do you think there’ll be bouncy castles in Heaven?” (Caleb–age 6)  i hope so!! 🙂

To Grandma…

“Grandma, you know I’m gonna move to Haiti with Ella someday…Buddy’s gonna fly us in his plane.  We’re gonna live there and help take care of all the orphans and give them good water and milk instead of mucky mud.” (Maija–age 3)

Evie is starting to make sense :)..in her raspy voice she says, “boon” = balloon, “go-go”= yogurt…the other night, we had a first…all 5 lined up on the couch…guess what Evie announced,

“Moome NITE.” translation…”MOVIE NIGHT!!” It was hilarious…we ALL laughed…she was totally proud of herself!

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