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quotes while Daddy’s away…

Maija...”I just want to marry Caleb when I grow up…”

Riah…“Jesus, and please bless mommy’s heart to not be grumpy heart…and evie’s heart to not be grumpy too..” (evie and I were having a tough day!! but that prayer was answered very quickly!)

Ella…This morning the kids were practicing one of their “Shows” upstairs…I walked up to hear Ella singing…”I want to be a nurse in a foreign country…I want to be a nurse in a foreign country…”  (Maybe I should let them have a morning off school more often :))

Evie…This past week has been spontaneously stopping, “Mommy???…”   “Yes, Evie…” “I wuv you, mommy.”

Caleb…The other night at bedtime I was explaining how God had asked me to do something…Caleb sat up and said, “Mommy, how do you hear from God?”  Isn’t it an amazing privilege to have these conversations with my little ones…I love their hearts so much.


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