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Dave is gone, even as I type this, in the Southern Tribes again.  He is with another nurse, 2 local evangelists and 2 helicopter pilots.  Please intercede with us for the Gospel to go out and be received!! Our burden is growing for these precious unreached!! Please pray for the T’ara people as their church is now growing, and pray for the K Tribe as they need to HEAR and receive Christ.  We are praying that the medicine and compassion, as well as beginning to teach them some reading skills will open doors for the Gospel.  We feel so humbled and privileged to be apart of this amazing ministry. Ok…TRULY!! I just typed this, my phone rang and Dave somehow had reception from the SOUTH…the K Tribe—the completely unreached, untouched people just asked the Helimission Team if they would consider building them a church!! They said they had heard the message, they BELIEVE it, and now they want a church so they can pray and learn more about God!! GOD IS LOVE…He has gone to the ends of the earth to show

PRAISE HIM WITH US TODAY!! And pray!! Pray for HEARTS to turn to their SAVIOR…that they would KNOW HIS LOVE individually and receive His forgiveness!!! I cannot believe I am even typing this!!  I wish you could see my face, my tears, my overflowing JOY right now in my living room….THIS IS THE BEST ETERNAL, LIFE-CHANGING NEWS!!! I love sharing with all of you who have prayed so faithfully!!! I can’t wait until we’re all in heaven together!!!

He is worthy!!  I love serving a God SO Real.  So living.  So LOVING!!


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