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Riah’s miracles continue…

Riah’s gone green…and so has “Agi”

Riah and Agi got their 2nd week of casts put on yesterday!

Praise God for His healing power…yesterday when Cast #1 was removed…Riah’s foot was FLAT!! It was totally and completely miraculous…she has always been completely on her toe…but her foot looked like mine or yours!  IN ONE WEEK!! Her body has been so receptive to the treatments and God is powerful to heal.  I was so thrilled…I told our sweet doctor how excited I was and he was less than enthusiastic! So, being maybe a tad inappropriate I jokingly hit his arm and told him this was miraculous and he should be excited too!! He very enthusiastically lifted his pointer finger and said ‘Whoo, hoo.”  Sweet Dr. B stated, “I just put a cast on.”  Yes, he just put  a cast on, but this is changing my little girls’ life. I needed to remind him of the significance of his piece in her healing! I think we all need that sometimes!  He was excited, I could tell!

So, Ri was completely hysterical during her entire un-casting and re-casting…I mean HYSTERICAL.  I think three people came back just to make sure she wasn’t dying!  It took a  LONG time this week, maybe an hour.  Our tech was SO SWEET though…not as fast as last week, but so sweet.  So sweet in fact that she went along with my silly idea to cast Agi.  Agi is a very important member of our family.  She joined our family the same day Riah did…and I think she has Riah’s heart almost more than any of the rest of us (except maybe her daddy!!)  So, Riah and Agi are GREEN together!!

Thank you for your continued prayers…I am truly seeing miraculous healing before my eyes in days!! He was able to stretch cast her foot past neutral yesterday…that was the GOAL!! PRAISE GOD!!  Dave and I never imagined Riah would have this opportunity.  We are so thankful!

Riah loves her sweet Agi-baby!!...Aren't they cute in their matching casts?!?


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