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Riah’s Pretty in Pink and The Name of Jesus.

Thank you, Thank you to all of you who have been and are praying for Riah.  This has been an unbelievable week in so many ways.  I think I could write 10 pages, but probably shouldn’t based on my emotional state of being!  Please continue to pray for God to touch her broken body and bring restoration…He is mighty and has already brought tremendous healing, both in her spirit and her body!!

First of all….All praise goes to our Great Healer and All Sufficient Savior…He has done great things for us…I am truly overwhelmed by His grace.

Second…the family in Christ that God has given me…that He has surrounded me with, is beautiful.  I am so grateful.

Third…if you haven’t met our Riah Grace…you MUST.  She is an incredible little person.  She has taught me so much this week and I love that God has brought my life a depth and richness and surrender to His love I would have never known apart from her life.  She is strong and sweet and so brave.  She cried hysterically yesterday and today for her Botox shots and her hot pink cast, but I think I would have too.

Yesterday, after the two Botox shots in her calf muscle I carried her out to the car (now she was happily eating her lollipop and reminding me of the ‘pink’ ice cream I promised her and I was crying uncontrollably)…she finished her lollipop in the car as I was praying and crying out to God…suddenly, she was so quiet.  I looked back to see a peaceful face covered in sticky chewed up lollipop…stick still in her hand–completely zonked out!! It was so precious.  If you’re a woman, you can relate to how exhausting it is to cry so hard!!  She slept and then woke up, licked her lollipop stick and said, “Mommy…i-cream?”  OF COURSE!!

Today, we went back early this morning.  Riah did, as her Orthopedic surgeon said…”Well, not that great!”   :).  She was hysterical.  Except something so incredible happened today. The Spirit of God is so powerful and awesome, I have to share this.  I had to hold Riah down on the dreaded ‘white’ table while the Dr. and tech put her cast on…they were SO fast! But Riah was crying so hard and my mom was there singing in her ear, talking to her…the Dr. said something to me, and then my mom told Riah she was going to pray for her.  As soon as my mom began praying and mentioned the Name of Jesus, Riah’s spirit calmed and she did not cry again.  It was literally like a switch was turned off.  HE IS the NAME above all NAMES.  His NAME is powerful.  He is stronger than fear. His spirit fell upon my little girl today and covered her in peace.  It was a miracle for me and for Riah today.

As she calmed, the Dr. was able to stretch her foot almost to a neutral position!! Most doctors can’t even stretch her there without a cast on!! He smiled and said she’d be out of her casts before Christmas! PRAISE GOD!! I love these Doctors and the gift of treatment, but I am giving all glory to God for HE IS THE HEALER of Riah’s body.  So, we’re on HOT PINK CAST #1…they’ll re-cast next Friday and then only one more!! Isn’t that amazing?!?  You know what else was amazing?? My little girl.  She came home and hopped right back into the bouncy castle with her sisters and brother (well, now she has a large weapon!!)  and then hopped on a tricycle this afternoon and could actually make it move!! That has never been successful before with her toes!! I had a vision today of my little girl riding a bike–that is something I thought might never happen!!  I am in AWE!!  Riah might be getting her own little bike for her 3rd birthday in April!!

Here’s some pictures so you can see her foot before…and we’ll watch God HEAL!! I can’t wait!!

Here's Riah's foot before casting...this is how it is all the time, but not for long!!

Here she is testing out her new cast!

What a precious little girl!!

She was so proud of herself...and so was I...She is our little over-comer!!

Thank you for your prayers…please continue to lift her up!! I love you all so much…Here’s a huge HUG right through your computer.


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