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Saturday morning…

I love Saturday mornings…

Today, I stayed in bed until 7…praying, sleeping.  God spoke, “Enjoy the moments…all of them today.”

Saw the three little heads bobbing down the hall and called for them.

Had some sweet snuggle time with 3 stinky, but very PRECIOUS kids.  Random conversations.  Sweet and random prayer time–for Daddy, for Haiti, for many things.

Chai Tea….ahhhhh… and a quiet moment with Andrew Murray while the kids watch Veggie Tales.

Pancakes. And more Tea.

The babies are happy…the sun is shining.

A call with my sister!

A SKYPE date with my sweet husband half a world away.  But our hearts aren’t…isn’t that awesome?!

Babies nap…

Hmmmmm….make the day fun…water balloons and watermelon–you can’t get much better than that!

MISSION Application is IN THE MAIL…on its way to Global Outreach International…our FIRST Big Step.

It’s going to be a good day.

Thank you God, for your grace and LIFE today.


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