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Selah’s Gunfo Party!!

Here in Ethiopia, when a woman has a baby, she usually stays in her home or hut for up to 6 weeks…everyone comes and FEEDS HER 🙂  They especially love to give the new mommies, this tantilizing mush, called GUNFO!! It is a sort of thick paste with butter and berebere (HOT chili pepper) in the middle…sort of like a volcano!  The ladies on our compound had a fun time making this for all of us, as well as for all of the workers on the compound!! It truly wasn’t that bad…I think Selah is going to grow up loving Injera and all these spices!!

  It was a really special celebration here!  I’m so thankful for my community!  This pretty lady on the left is my house helper, Rebeka…she is a godly woman, a hard worker and a beautiful momma to 5~~ She is SUCH a gift to me!!


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